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Re: Is it possible to configure JAX-WS services with an external descriptor?

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Hi Alessio,

the server does rewrite the host in both cases (external wsdl and annotations-only), but it does not rewrite the protocol. Following your suggestion


>Something else you might want to try is setting your soap:address to something like "https://REPLACE-ME", that should force the https protocol to be use in the soap:address when rewriting it. I think this probably has the side effect of overwriting the webServicePort you might want to >specify though.


I used an external wsdl file to specify this https://replaceme address.


Is it possible to specify the address via annotations and/or just an external descriptor (similarl to metro's sun-jaxws.xml)? I would like to avoid explicitely saving the wsdl in order not to maintain its changes when the @WebService annotation class changes.

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