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in jbpm 4.3, timer not firing to leave its state node.

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Hi :


Is there a way to keep jbpm ProcessEngine alive in jboss by either configure jboss or jbpm ?


What was found out is that the stand-alone application exited after initialized jbpm ProcessEngine and started the timer-test process instance. So the jbpm's "scheduler" or job execution is not waking up to run.


Suppose the stand-alone application must exit after start the process instance (because it is not a daemon), and there is only "jpbm.jar" (not jpbm.war) residing in the following location :




Practically, if only jboss server will keep running, how to configure jboss or jbpm so that the "scheduler service" can keep the jbpm's "scheduler" or job execution wake up to fire the timeout event ? Sorry for if I use the wrong terms to describe jbpm's techonolgy.


Thanks a lot for you help and time in advance.

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