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Re: Pass the result of a workitem to the next workitem with a workitemhandler

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My question is similar.  In my executeWorkItem, I have


Map<String,Object> results = new HashMap<String,Object>();

results.put("Source_IP", "333.33.333.33");

results.put("Start_Date", "1999 01 01");

results.put("End_Date", "2000 01 01");


Chapter 14 of the User Guide says:

Result Mapping: Allows you to map a result (returned once a work item has been executed) to a variable of the process.  This allows you to use results in the remainder of the process.


In Eclipse, there is a "Result Mapping" attribute associated with the service task.  Do I create an association between the results variable and the process variable by using the "Result Mapping" attribute?  The association seems to go in backwards.  In other words, the Parameter (work item) and Variable (process) only go in one way, so I can't put the work item result into the process variable.  I can only put the process variable into a work item result, which is the opposite of what I need to do.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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