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How to handle an abortion of a work item?

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playing with jBPM 5.1Final i realized that i was not able to handle tha abortion of a work item inside the process definition.

I have tried unsuccessfully to usa an BoundaryEvent thet refer an Error Event Definition.


basically I want the process can take two different paths after the execution of a work item on the basis that it was aborted or carried out, there is a way to obtain this behavior?


The only solution that i found is to register a listener that check, for every ProcessNodeLeftEvent, the status of the work item and in case of an abortion it signal the process instance. But in this case in the process must be included a path that has an IntermediateCatchEvent for handle the abortion of a task (see the picture below). I think this solution isn't smart and i don't like it.



I also checked the chapter of BPMN2.0 spec about the execution semantics, but i have not found any useful information.

does any one know how to handle this situation?

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