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[Q] JBPM 4.3 to 4.4 Upgrade Issue

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I have recently upgraded my JBPM implementation from 4.3 to 4.4.  However, this has caused a significant problem for me.


As part of my process definition I have the following decision defined:


<decision g="901,209,48,48" name="decision.supplierInitApprover">
      <handler expr="#{jbpmDecideHasSupplierApprover}"/>

      <transition g="-50,-18" name="result.approver" to="state.supplierInitApproval"/>      
      <transition g="30,-80" name="result.noApprover" to="state.memberReview">


I am expecting the handler expression to be resolved using the Juel script engine as it is my default (and only) script language that I have configured.  However since upgrading to 4.4 it appears that this is no longer being resolved by Juel.


Reviewing the source code, I notice there has been a change in the ObjectDescriptor.construct() method that is causing my issue.


In 4.3, it resolved the expression by the following:


Line 180:

} else if (expr!=null) {
      ScriptManager scriptManager = ScriptManager.getScriptManager();
      object = scriptManager.evaluateExpression(expr, lang);


In 4.4 it resolves the expression by the following:


Line 176:

} else if (expression!=null) {
      object = expression.evaluateInScope(wireContext.getScopeInstance());


Does anyone know how I can fix my problem and have JBPM 4.4 use the ScriptManager and Juel once again?


Thanks in Advance!


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