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Insert user information for process instance

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Hi guys,


some input:


  • capturing the initiator shouldn´t be linked in any way with tasks. We have processes withtout tasks, but we still need the information who started this process
  • we use a swimlane for the initiator. The swimlane evaluates a variables we pass in on process start. In the process we use this swimlane to reference to the initiator.
  • after a process has finished the initiator information shoudn´t be lost. We need to be able to find  process instances (running and finished) "per initiator". Therefore, we additionally create a history variables to persist this information.


Currently, we provide the initiator information on process start to let the swimlane know the value. And then, we create a history variable for it, which is (programatically) only possible after the process has been started. A bit of the same work twice, but it works and happens automatically in our system. We did´t want to the user to specifiy history variables it in the process definition for the initiator, as it´s a requirement that must always be met.




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