Hi Manik, thanks for taking the time to look at this. To answer your question, the simple  reason for allowing this change is to make the cache independent of an mbean server.   I would argue that there are plenty of older j2se apps out there that could make use of the cache, but are perhaps not ready to make the jump to a full AS.

But there are other reasons.

Consider, for example, the case where a given application can deploy on and obtain firewall permissions for only one tcp port.  If that application needs to provide jgroups functionality of both the sync and async type, then there's little choice but to multiplex a single jchannel.  Since I want to use JbossCache, I have little choice but to grab the cache's Rpcdispatcher and send my own messages, since I cant get a jchannel out of jbosscache either.

I guess that's both ends of the argument.  Either solution would work, either allow us non-AS folks to inject our own channel to the cache, or provide us a means to fetch one out.  My patch, which is working ok for me here, does the former.  The single additional method on the factory requires a complete configuration, which will hopefully discourage all but the most stubborn from trying to use it.

But I think you'll win some new cache customers if you provide it. 


Bill Middleton

On 4/20/07, Manik Surtani <manik@jboss.org> wrote:
Sorry for being so late jumping in on this.

Bill, I see you've had most of your questions answered already, but I
still don't quite get the need for injecting your own JGroups
Channel, perhaps you could help clarify this for me?


On 12 Apr 2007, at 20:51, Bill Middleton wrote:

> I've opened a jira feature request for this now.
> http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBCACHE-1023   <<< Good number
> Thanks again!
> Bill
> On 4/12/07, Brian Stansberry <brian.stansberry@redhat.com> wrote:
> Thanks much for this, Bill.  Sorry for the slow reply.  I'm going to
> wait and let Manik Surtani comment on this, as I know he's thought
> a lot
> more than I have about how he wants the factories and the CacheImpl
> constructor to work.
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