It seems that staging repo is not being used anymore. I asked on another thread (you were copied) to review this process. 

After the process is reviewed and clarified, we should update "JBoss Developer Materials Repository Management and Releases" MOJO [1] with those clarification points.

Anyway, adding and removing repos from pom.xml files is easy as running: mvn -U org.jboss.maven.plugins:qstools:repositories


On 11/27/14 11:25, Sande Gilda wrote:
I am a little confused by this discussion.

Are we saying we will add the staging repo [1] to the development branch POM files only and we then have to strip them from the product branch POM files? I think it is going to be hard to maintain different POM file contents in different branches.


On 11/27/2014 07:15 AM, Rafael Benevides wrote:
On 11/27/14 10:04, Julian Coleman wrote:

I think that the staging repo is the answer here for testing purposes.
I think that this makes sense too.  However, I'm not sure how we will test
the final version, as that will need a reference to the public repository
and be tested before the public repository contains the artifacts.
We use a different process that we have the final versions released
previously having the "-build-x" suffix at the version and place those
versions at repo
(which is our "staging" repo until we have a nexus server setup). But I
know that this process is particular and couldn't fit for every project.
Do you see any restrictions to test the final version using the internal
repo and having that repo defined in settings.xml ?
I think so, otherwise we won't achieve our objectives to have buildable
sources at github.
Will it matter if we reference an internal repository in the sources?
(It won't be possible to build them trivially from outside the Red Hat
In that case, that's why we used as a staging maven repo.


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