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We also need to check that with JBDS, because it's odd that stacks only
uses "redhat-techpreview-all-repository" as additional repository.

because it was the only thing we needed originally.


Is there any issues having
https://maven.repository.redhat.com/earlyaccess/all/ as declared inside
quickstarts pom.xml ?

sorry - but I need to grok when earlyaccess/all is even needed  before answering that ? :)

My default position would be that if you need earlyaccess you are expected to be able to understand why you need it.

But i'm not sure if that is true anymore - hence wanting to ask why/when earlyaccess is ever needed ?
is it for running quickstarts targeting a beta version of EAP ? (meaning no snapshots, but actual all releases in it?)

Right, it’s where we put beta and alpha releases.

If yes, why doesn't /all get split up in /supported and /earlyaccess and /all will serve the combined result ?

Propose this on the wolf list?

Added as topic on tomorrows wolf call: http://pad.engineering.redhat.com/wolf



What was the result of this subject in wolf call ?

For now the split would stay, but we remove the /all grouping that was introduced by error (it was a neither or).

the final grouping says on line 110 on http://pad.engineering.redhat.com/wolf

"Pete and David to follow up offline, fix up mojo doc, and send to list for signoff."

I haven't seen this yet. Maybe I missed something while I was on PTO ?

See David’s email on 26th Sept entitled "[Wolf] /everything folder” - you replied to it on the 1st Oct that reviewing the doc was on your todo list.

Today I was helping Alexandre Porcelli from BRMS team to setup Ticket Monster as a demo. But as he had issues with unresolved dependencies and it seems that he have some restrictions to use the settings.xml file I'm bringing this subject again to be discussed.

What restrictions does he have ?

And I guess the issue here is ticketmonster master needs the earlyaccess bits ?

I think ticketmonster master could add the earlyaccess to its pom but then just make sure once it is releaesed it gets removed which should be fine since then it should be using any earlyaccess bundles, right ?

Due to his short time to prepare the Demo, he will use Petclinic from Spring as he found that Ticket Monster is too tricky to build and run. Maybe he can give us more details/feedback but it was good to remember that we should improve our JBoss Developer Materials usability.