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We also need to check that with JBDS, because it's odd that stacks only
uses "redhat-techpreview-all-repository" as additional repository.

because it was the only thing we needed originally.


Is there any issues having
https://maven.repository.redhat.com/earlyaccess/all/ as declared inside
quickstarts pom.xml ?

sorry - but I need to grok when earlyaccess/all is even needed  before answering that ? :)

My default position would be that if you need earlyaccess you are expected to be able to understand why you need it.

But i'm not sure if that is true anymore - hence wanting to ask why/when earlyaccess is ever needed ?
is it for running quickstarts targeting a beta version of EAP ? (meaning no snapshots, but actual all releases in it?)

Right, itís where we put beta and alpha releases.

If yes, why doesn't /all get split up in /supported and /earlyaccess and /all will serve the combined result ?

Propose this on the wolf list?

Meaning we remove the need to have two different repos always handed around but allow those who want the separation to just use /supported if need be.

i.e. do what maven normally does (use version numbers to separate things) and stop having it be a complex setup for the default case ?


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QSTools ticket: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JDF-762

But after placing http://maven.repository.redhat.com/techpreview/all/ at the Quickstarts, I realized that we won't solve the user experience issues without adding - https://maven.repository.redhat.com// and
- http://jboss-developer.github.io/temp-maven-repo/ also
for the -develop branch.
Iím not sure we need to worry about people using the -develop branch. This is for contributors only, and they can read the instructions normally.
So I assume that we need to inject http://maven.repository.redhat.com/techpreview/all/ in pom.xml and make them to add the others in settings.xml
Well, we may want to add earlyaccess too. WDYT?

Why we should have it there for end users? earlyaccess repository is
just exceptional resource for public Betas, isn't it? Isn't that
confusing to have it there even for traditional GA releases?
OTOH this is not really the way Maven works. In Maven you tend to mix up all releases, and use version numbers to control what gets pulled in.
Even I agree with your statement, do we have a clean description there
what could end users understand why we have a bunch or repositories
there instead of one? We declared today that you can use our product
maven repository (online techpreview/all or offline zipped repository)
plus Central and then in Quickstarts we use "another" repository.

I agree that injected repository will help to an end user, but wouldn't
it be simple just as one repository?

you can easily manage versions in BOM imports etc. but for the learning
purpose it can be confusing. WDYT?
Hmm. People are used to adding a second repo for snapshots, which is kinda similar.

What are our target group of developers for quicksktarts? Newbies or
experienced devs?

I may see it more like short and simple bootstrap for newbies, but your
view is probably different.
Agreed on newbies. Hence why we donít want to make people add/remove repos, but have a sensible default configured for them.

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