I'd vote for doing this early - in other words next week. It sounds like it's unlikely that there will be a major issue, but if there is a problem it's better to find it sooner.


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Subject: JBT/JBDS Target Platform for Beta1 -- time to update?

About a month ago, I created a new Target Platform [1], [2] for use with
our trunk builds so we'd be using the latest from Eclipse.org as they
move toward SR2.

On Jan 20, the first release candidate (RC1) for Eclipse Indigo SR2 was
dropped. There are 3 more planned on Feb 3, 10 and 17, with GA on Feb
24. Chances are there will be little to no changes between now and their GA.

Would next week be a good time to bump up the TPs to newer content? Or
should we wait until closer to the Feb 16 code freeze? Bear in mind
we'll want to update AGAIN before we drop Beta1 so that the bits public
on eclipse.org will match exactly those against which we built.

Note too that changing the TP DURING a QE cycle will guarantee a respin
is needed.


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