I have downloaded JBDS build #167 jbdevstudio-product-universal-5.0.0.v201206112344R-H167-CR1.jar from http://www.qa.jboss.com/binaries/RHDS/builds/staging/devstudio-5.0_stable_branch.product/builds/nightly/5.0.0.CR1/201206112344/.

Installer file name and menu item created during installation have CR1 suffix but when run it have displayed GA version either in splash screen and in About JBDS dialog box. JBT plugins/features have suffix final and JBDS features/plugins have suffix GA.

Size of GA installer is 538 MB but size of CR1 universal installer published to Early access site is
385.22M and this is quite a difference?

Should I create jiras for these issues or is this build irrelevant for GA or is it correct?

Thanks for answer.


On 06/11/2012 06:21 PM, Nick Boldt wrote:
I've updated the parent pom to version 3.3.0.Final-SNAPSHOT and updated all the pom.xml files that refer to the parent pom to use the new version.

**NOTE** SOA components (bpel, esb, flow, jbpm, and runtime-soa) are NOT updated yet; they still point at the 3.3.0.CR1-SNAPSHOT version.

Jobs are now spinning here:


Note that we are *CODE FROZEN*, which means DO NOT COMMIT ANY CODE CHANGES into the 3.3.x/5.0.x branch while these builds are spinning. (Documentation changes are OK.)

Trunk remains open for new development work. Once we release Final/GA, the branch will reopen for 3.3.x/5.0.x maintenance work.