Using RSE, from what I can see, would require adding the RSE runtime to our build, which would add another 4-5 meg of requirements and 'bloat'.

Also, to have a 'server' to publish to, from what I can see, all you really need to be able to do is be able to make directories, copy folders into them, and delete files and folders. Using raw JSCH seems to allow me to do that very easily. But I wonder if maybe my use case list is too narrow and there's things I'd be missing out on.

It seems most of the benefit of RSE is gained by using this remote connection to hold your projects, files, etc, almost as a remote workspace. According to a blog post, the benefits of RSE are:

RSE is a framework and toolkit in Eclipse Workbench, that allows you to connect and work with a variety of remote systems, including
I'm not sure any of these are requirements for a server to publish to.

Max, any thoughts?

On 11/02/2009 05:44 PM, Snjezana Peco wrote:
I have set RSE SSH server using Galileo SR1 without any issue.
RSE uses the Eclipse File System (EFS) - see 
It is the same API that is used for the Eclipse local file system.  The 
same API can be used to add a local deployment, SSH , FTP, Eclipse 
dstore or some deployment using a server contributed to RSE.
Maybe JSCH is simpler, but RSE gives us more functionalities.


Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
I looked at that once long time ago (M6 of Galileo) and it was very 
weird to me - but they might have fixed that stuff
so I would need to look at it again.

Rob - did you try it ?

About your initial mail, then I don't think this should be a different 
server *type*, shouldn't it just be an option
on a server to what way they wish to start/stop/deploy to it ?


Have you tried Target Management (Remote Server Explorer) included in
Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers? Among other things, RSH contains SSH
Services. SSH Services API provides deploying an exploded/unexploded
archive to an SSH server like deploying to the local file system. See or open the RSE perspective in Eclipse
IDE for Java EE Developers and try to add a new connection.


Rob Stryker wrote:
(This may not be of interest to everyone, but just thought I'd share it.
Also seeking ideas)

So I spent the better part of this week working on refining some of the
as-tools deployment api's and trying not to break anything (or if you
know me at all, purposely breaking things). I made a new plugin to hold
what is effectively an ssh deploy-only server. There's pretty much no UI
right now and everything's hard-coded, but I've gotten my first ssh
deployment working. ;)

None of this is in svn yet, but the one use-case I've gotten covered and
working is a zipped wtp-type project. So any project, a web project, ear
project, bpel / esb project, if the server has a property set to force
zipping of deployments, can now be deployed over ssh to some box that
you control.

Again, it's not in svn yet, and the UI is horrendous (read: not made at
all really) but the underlying APIs are there and I'll work on refining
it tomorrow to squeeze it into svn in some non-disgusting fashion.

** I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions or what types of
settings you'd need for this type of server other than just host,
username, password, and hosts file. What type of functionality would you
want the server to provide you with if you were going to be deploying
remotely repeatedly?

Thanks in advance.
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