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Another Idea

Lets state that relevant commit should have not JIRA issue ID but URL. That saves time, because it will shown like a link in:



Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
It's a wiki - feel free to update it :)


Denis Golovin wrote:
Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

While working on various issues I noticed that there is a growing tendency to forget setting the fix version on resolved jira's.

By not having a fix version on resolved jira's our changelog's we use for announcements are not correct nor is it easy
to see when an issue is fixed since you have to manually go in to SVN and retrace what release the specific commits
went into.

Thus please remember to set the fix version when resolving something as Done!

And to anyone doing QA please don't close resolved issues that does not have a fix version - reopen them.

As a reminder here is the wiki that describes the workflow for JBoss Tools jira

I'd add in Fixing/Resolving part:

Keep description updated - which means if issue has a discussion what actually should be done all this should be collected in description. That saves time for anyone who is working with this issue to understand what actually should be done and how to verify it. Last thing is useful for QA.

Demo screencast and relevant screenshots - add screencast or screenshots to show new functionality and mark it as Documentation affected or "New and noteworthy" to give a doc team to know there is something to add in "New and Noteworthy" or add/change in documentation.

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