Just saw the following conversation in tonight's JBT IRC chat:

<nickboldt> akazakov: hey, I just realized that we're building using SR1 and testing using SR1, but in the past we've always built w/ SR0 and testing with SR(latest).
                     so... this means we MIGHT be forcing people to install SR1 (or upgrade to SR1) before they can install JBT or JBDS BYOE.
                     I can change that but I would really not like to see build breaking over night when no one is around tomorrow to fix things :(
<fbricon> I think we have a bunch of fixes that depend on sr1 bits
<nickboldt> fbricon: yes. like the 9.2.13 jetty stuff (vs. 9.2.10 in SR0)
<fbricon> so we don't have much choice
<nickboldt> yeah. forward with SR1 then :|
<fbricon> worth an email to the dev list

So, we need to make sure that JBT and JBDS BYOE CR1 are installable on Mars.0.
Len, I don't know if you test JBT on Mars.0 or some Mars.1 RC* but be aware of this situation.