Hi Max, Alexey , Victor,

Today it supports it. See screenshots at

>and it does that without *running* the project javascript ? that is pure tern parsed ?

Yes that"s it. But I think I don't manage the whole case. The angular tern plugin must be improved.

>if yes - that is nice!


>I thought there were things in angularjs context that would not be possible to extract from javascript?

With Tern plugin you can add you own logic when some methods is called. In angular plugin case, it forces the $scope parameter used in the controller 
to an instance of scope by injecting teh well methods $watch, etc

>Saying this in context of our experiment where we actually ask the browser what is in the angular scope
>at runtime....but maybe these two approaches could simply be merged and we get best of both worlds?
Yes I have seen that with your demo with Livereload. 

The pros with this mean is that you get the well methods.
The cons with this mean is it doesn't work if your JS is not valid. I have not managed that, but I would like to manage Hyperlink 
for expression (ex : Ctrl+Click on "{{todo"  open the todo.js an select $scope.todo). With Tern I can do that (because it's an AST)
I think you cannot do that with LiveReload?

>I tried installing OSX osgi bundle provided node.js and it seems to NPE for me ;/
Yes it was a stupid error and Victor created an issue that I have fixed.

>I thought I actually saw this working but that might have been earlier version.

>I think the default should be that out of box Tern/angularjs integration should use the bundled one and
>then advanced users can decide use native one...optimally default users should not have to care about
>it is using node.
I agree with you. I must improve that, but I develop this plugin in my spare time and I was very exciting to see tern integrated in Eclipse IDE.
So I have not worked a lot about the node.js topic.

We provide "embed" node.js that you must select when you install Tern IDE. Perhaps it should better to have an install URL per OS?

As Alexey , Victor suggested me, node.js must be more customizable. I had created this issue at https://github.com/angelozerr/tern.java/issues/4

>It just needs some enduser polish (i.e. users should not need to care about different html editors,
>different node.js runtimes, it should "just work").

>One concern we had was performance and portability.
>Does Tern handle larger projects of javascript well ? 
By using node.js, tern can handle big file. But if you try to parse a big framework like dojo it takes time.
Today Eclipse freezes, but I must do that in background.

>Can we avoid it have to parse
>constantly ? 
>can one just tell it to parse one file as oppose to all files all the time ?
When you open completion, it parses one time the whole files and after it parses the current file.
I must improve the completion performance by using the "part" feature of tern (not need to parse each time the whole file).

Today I use Tern for completion, find type in HTML editor. But Tern is enable to manage search and refactoring.

>Have you found the bundled binaries to work across various OS's ?
No I have just Windows and my friend pascal has Linux.

Have a nice days.

Regards Angelo

2014-02-26 21:36 GMT+01:00 Victor Rubezhny <vrubezhny@exadel.com>:
On 02/26/2014 11:59 PM, Alexey Kazakov wrote:
> Hi Angelo!
> I actually tried some old AngularJS Eclipse plugins available in
> December. Latter I tried the new one and saw a lot of cool stuff like
> {{}} support. It's very nice.
>> AngularJS Eclipse extends the WTP HTML Editor (I don't have created a
>> new HTML editor).
> There is AngularJS Editor which extends WTP HTML Editor. And I have to
> use this editor if I want to have full support of AngularJS stuff like
> {{}} code completion or code highlighting. Has it been changed?
> On 02/26/2014 08:05 AM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
>> I tried installing OSX osgi bundle provided node.js and it seems to NPE
>> for me ;/
> We didn't try the OSX version but there was a bug in the Linux one.
> Victor Rebezhny created a PR to fix it and Angelo has already merged it
> - https://github.com/angelozerr/tern.java/pull/14
> There is one more issue with node.js on Linux actually. It's impossible
> to use a local installation of node.js since the command "node" is
> already used at least in some popular distributives like Ubuntu. So if
> you chose to use a local node.js instead of the bundled one then
> "nodejs" command should be used instead of "node".

It looks like the issue is a common thing for linuxes. And may be not
only for linuxes.
In ubuntu you cannot use "node" (because it's reserved for other util,
not node.js)
in fedora the node.js is not installed to /usr/local/bin/ directory. So,
due to make it work I had to manually create a link to "node" in
/usr/local/bin/ directory.
IMHO, there should be a possibility for a user to point Tern.java to
node.js executable in preferences instead of having some hardly
predefined path, because the path and the name of node.js executable
could be different for different OS distributions.
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