This is the first time in years where we DID NOT do a .Final release on SR0 bits, then simply do minor/maintenance updates to SR1 & SR2. Because of that, we never released the Beta2 TP (SR0) as .Final to use as a "build baseline" while using the CR1 TP (SR1) for testing and JBDS installer builds. 

So... we SHOULD have been building w/ SR0, but then we might not have noticed/caught the Jetty thing. Depending on users having SR1 means that if they have SR0 and try to install JBT 4.3 / JBDS 9 they will likely be prompted to updated their Eclipse as part of that install (to get newer deps like Jetty 9.2.13).

But other than that example I'm confident that (hopefully) everyone's plugins in JBT/JBDS still set version ranges such that they are compatible with Mars.0, .1, or .2.

On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 7:55 AM, Max Rydahl Andersen <> wrote:

>>>> btw. the last years we built against SR0 but tested against latest
>>>> SR.
>>>> Did we stop that ?
>>> Seems like yes, we stopped that. I can't find any reason except that
>>> we've forgotten to keep it in place, as the jetty issues somehow
>>> forced us to be more careful with SR1 than with SR0.
>> so I suggest we bring that back if we can't find anything that
>> *actually* requires SR1.
> But this time we can't build against a pure SR0 because of jetty.
> So we need to build against SR0 + jetty 9.2.13 and we will see if it
> fails.

But we did SR0+jetty 9.2.10 before didn't we ?

ah - I guess SR0's jetty 9.2.9 was then compatible with 9.2.10 jetty web
socket but that broke in latest release.

Got it.

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