CRS QE and Fuse Tooling QE have finished testing of CRS 12.19.1.AM1.

JBoss Tools 4.19.1.AM1 and CodeReady Studio 12.19.1.AM1 are ready to be released. 
There are still some critical issues (you can find them in the sign-off document below). 
These issues do not block the GA release, however as we move towards the next release they could be considered as blockers.

The sign-off document is here: https://source.redhat.com/groups/public/jbds-qe/jbds_qe_wiki/qe_sign_off_for_t_release_train_jboss_tools_4191am1_codeready_studio_12191am1_sprint_202 

The master branch is no longer frozen.




Josef Kopriva

Senior Quality Engineer

Red Hat

Purkynova 111

612 00 Brno    IM: jkopriva