several plug-ins have empty Provider name in about dialog in Friday build.
I that problem fixed in last build?

Here it is


Marshall Culpepper wrote:
Hey guys..

All the binaries and update site have been uploaded for the JBossTools 2.0.0.beta3 release. This release coincides and uses the same tags as the recent RHDS 1.0.0.beta1. Max and I will be announcing / hitting the blogs real soon now to announce.


Build results / release info:

Update site:

There are a minor things wrong with the update site that we'll need to wait for next release to fix:

1) Shale and struts feature descriptions are the same (apparently "Struts feature" shows up as "Shale feature")
2) FreemarkerIDE and JBossAS Adaptor still has a reference to JBossIDE in their descriptions
3) JBossTools Core is described as "JBossTools".. slightly ambiguous
4) jBPM Designer's feature has no description (just "".. yuck)