Hi all,

After some investigations around JBIDE-11726 (Create target platforms for developer), we have arrived to an interesting result by having 378987 and JBIDE-12003 fixed, so that target platform should be much more stable (CI job only publish them after validating they can successfully be resolved) and having make progress about JBIDE-11689, by using "includeSource" flag on target-platforms.

So if you want to be less surprised by dependencies-related issue, here is a way to make your IDE use an equivalent target as the one used by build, without loosing ability to view source:
1. Checkout the build/target-platform folder in your workspace
2. Open multiple.target using the target editor
3. Ckick on "Set as Target" on the upper-right corner

Then, PDE will rely on this target definition to resolve dependencies (from Eclipse, Atlassian, SpringSource and other 3rd-party deps we have).
In order to resolve other JBoss Tools stuff, you may want to complete it with entries from our development update-sites to resolve other modules if you need, but please don't commit anything to this TP before opening a ticket to the target-platform component.

Your feedback is welcome on JBIDE-11726.
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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