Are you sure ? the first one (the one called 1. delete project preview screenshot.jpg) seem to be the one related to the issue ?


Dmitry Geraskov wrote:
I don't have permissions to delete attachments yet.

I wanted to delete first png file here

Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
i'm a jira admin, its probably just a change after we moved to rolebased security. i'll get it fixed.


Dmitry Geraskov wrote:
Hi, Rodney,

I found the proof of the issue.

I updated there a few times file patch.rar.

So, helpdesk have to give back our rights! ;)

Rodney Russ wrote:
Hmmmm, when I look at the Jira:

and click on the Manage Attachments link, I don't see any way to delete an attachment either.  I'm not sure what the "delete" interface looked like.  Should this be forwarded to the helpdesk?


----- "Dmitry Geraskov" <> wrote:

I want to delete older id_detail.png.

Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
delete old attachment of what ? Got a jira issue so I can look ? :)


Dmitry Geraskov wrote:
There is a problem. I can't delete old attachment.

Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
Okey - so there are no problems ?

Dmitry Geraskov wrote:
Not in svn, but in jira. I was mistaken.

Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
delete what file ? Nothing were attached - and even if it were I
              would still need to know its location to answer ;)


Dmitry Geraskov wrote:
I can't delete attached file in svn.
As I remember I had the rights before.
Best regards,

 Dmitry Geraskov     
 Senior Developer
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