Hi max,

Glad you like AngularJS Eclipse features.

It should be very cool if my work could be integrated in JBoss Tools,. I have a lot and lof of idea to improve it not only for angular but for Javascript features like refactoring, hover, validation.
I think tern.java should be refactored again and IMHO I think we should waiting that tern.java is stable if you wish to integrate to JBoss. More some tests of performance must be done (I believe that Victor works on that).

I would like to convince that tern could be a good idea to integrate with Eclipse IDE.
I love tern bebcause it's very powerful, very extensible and it works with webbrowser too. After playing with tern, it seems that Tern inference engine is more powerfull than JSDT.
For instance, see screeshot below with completion about event (JSDT cannot do that according my test) : 

Images intégrées 1

Tern provides a easy mean to write some JSON definition. For instance you have a jquery def https://github.com/marijnh/tern/blob/master/defs/jquery.json which manages that : 

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This feature is managed just with a simple JSON : 

 "on": {
        "!type": "fn(events: string, selector?: string, data?: ?, handler: fn(+jQuery.Event)) -> jQuery.fn",
        "!url": "http://api.jquery.com/on/",
        "!doc": "Attach an event handler function for one or more events to the selected elements."

It declares just that handler is a function which waits a jQuery.Event and that's all!

I'm studying how to manage validation with Tern. here a screenshot with CodeMirror : 

Images intégrées 1

Today I think node.js doesn't please you, but tern.java provides an API to use tern.js with other javascript engine (I had implemented with Rhino, but it's too slowly and outofmemory problem, but what about java8 nashorn?

Regards Angelo

2014-03-05 7:38 GMT+01:00 Max Rydahl Andersen <manderse@redhat.com>:
On 1 Mar 2014, at 19:06, Angelo zerr wrote:


For your information, I have created a getting started for AngularJS
Eclipse at
which explains how to install and configure (node.js, angular syntax
directive, tern console, etc)


Hope it will help you more to see features of AngularJS Eclipse.

Yeah, I like it. Really would like to find a way to integrate it more
smoothly into eclipse/jboss tools.


Regards Angelo

2014-02-28 18:05 GMT+01:00 Angelo zerr <angelo.zerr@gmail.com>:


At first I have commited an improvment about Node.js preferences. Now you
can set the node.js path. See attached screenshot.
The combo is filled with default path according the OS. If your node is
not installed in the default path, it searchs in your PATH env if you have
a node path to retrieve the well path.

I updated the plugin and I can see the node and npm binaries are not
so I get an error like:

Cannot run program

(in directory "/Users/max/Documents/workspace-luna3/dfdf"): error=13,
Permission denied

When I chmod +X those files it seem to start working.
I wasn't required to change "executable" attribute on my Fedora 20
x86_64. What kind of problem it could be: the problem of OSX or wrong
executable attribute for "node" and "executable" binaries in repository?

It's my friend Pascal who has created this embed node.js, I will answer
you but now he is on holiday.
But with my improvement, you can try to install node.js in your computer
and use "Native Node.js".

If you want to see the command line of node.js + teh JSON request/response
used with tern server, you can see those traces in Eclipse Console.
See https://github.com/angelozerr/tern.java/wiki/Tern-Console

Perhaps it should better to have an install URL per OS?
noo - not necessary. You can mark a bundle to just apply to a specific
OS via Eclipse-PlatformFilter


as an example.

I would suggest making the feature default require these plugins so any
install by default would work.

Many thank's for your information. I will speak to Pascal about this idea.

Today Eclipse freezes, but I must do that in background.
Is there an issue for this somewhere ?

There is 2 issues about tern performance :

* "Parse JS file of tern doc with monitor" =>
* "Improve performance with JS Editor and tern completion" =>

Can we avoid it have to parse
constantly ?
can one just tell it to parse one file as oppose to all files all the
When you open completion, it parses one time the whole files and after
parses the current file.
I must improve the completion performance by using the "part" feature
tern (not need to parse each time the whole file).
Today I use Tern for completion, find type in HTML editor. But Tern is
enable to manage search and refactoring.
Have you found the bundled binaries to work across various OS's ?
No I have just Windows and my friend pascal has Linux.

Have a nice days.

Regards Angelo

2014-02-26 21:36 GMT+01:00 Victor Rubezhny <vrubezhny@exadel.com>:

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