There are two Internal toolbar items in,r=19454/JBossTools/trunk/documentation/whatsnew/vpe/vpe-news-3.1.0.CR1.html

Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

Its time we get N&N done and this time around we got 70 for both M4 and CR.

M4 were done partially and not announced broadly so I suggest we combine our efforts and get both M4 and CR N&N done for CR1 release.

The issues are here <>

and I would appreciate if components/owners would do the initial work on getting these new features documented in
svn at:

You can see both examples and previous versions and possibly even some files for M4 in there.

Here are my suggestion for those who could do the various components - please speak up if you are ok with it or not. Or if you think you can do it instead then by all means step up the plate and let me know ;) It is also ok to just delegate to someone else, as long as it gets done or I know that it will have to be done by me or someone else. It would need to be done by monday afternoon or tuesday morning.

Let me know ;)

esb - Denny

Hibernate - Dimitry

common/jsp/jsf - Victor or Alexey ?

Seam - Alexey

JBossAS/PRoject archives/Module assembly - Rob

project-examples/Maven - Snjezana

Visual Page Editor - Maxim

If your component is missing up there then its because you *havent* labelled jiras you worked on as new_and_noteworthy.
Please do so now then and let me know what component you will be doing a whats new and noteworthy for!