To run BrowserSim from eclipse you need:

1. import and plugins into workspace.

2. Run as java application (with -XstartOnFirstThread and -d32)


FireBug Lite demo

fork: yradtsevich/jbosstools-vpe branch:firebug-lite


Weinre demo

fork: kmarmaliykov/jbosstools-vpe branch: JBIDE-13338


Ripple demo

How to setup ripple:


ššššššššššššššš 1. fork: ibuziuk/jbosstools-vpe branch:Ripple-demo

ššššššššššššššš 2. install tomcat 7

ššššššššššššššš 3. download Ripple-UI project:

ššššššššššššššš 4. unzip this archive to Tomcat's webapps -> (apache-tomcat-7.0.x/webapps/Ripple-UI/www/index.htm)

ššššššššššššššš 5. start tomcat

ššššššššššššššš 6. run browsersim -> right click -> Ripple emulator (bug under mac os and windows: 2 instances of browsersim will be opened - close them) -> choose Apache Cordova 2.0.0 (the same bug) -> Ripple emulator will be opened

ššššššššššššššš 7. input "http://localhost:8080/Ripple-UI/www/accelerometer.html" or "http://localhost:8080/Ripple-UI/www/geolocation.html" into the address baršš


P.Sš These versions are rather buggy but most features work under windows, mac os x, linux