On 01/07/2013 12:44 PM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
I assume we can just do a basic test build with this before doing a full change in master ?!
The target-platform is versionned independently from parent, so we can create a new version of the TP, but don't use it immediatly in the parent pom.
We'll then just have to build all components with a -DTARGET_PLATFORM_VERSION property to try this platform. When is seems ok for everyone, we change the parent pom to use this new version.

Or at least do a manual scan in the feature / manifest.mf files in a full install to see if there are any refs ?
Actually, that's what I'm asking here. I expect all component owners to check their dependencies to look for *.sdk or *.source in MANIFEST. pom or feature.xml.

There can be projects that depend on sdk bundles but if that is the case that is a major bug.

But we can't just remove this since what is important is if any users actually installed this from the released site and then we go ahead and remove the .sdk bundles and the updates will fail (assuming these sdk references might have been included in any build ?)
The Eclipse .sdk or .source were not part of a feature nor installable via p2 UI (no category). So if no project has a dependency on one of them, we can safely assume that no user had it installed from our site.
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