Here is a proposal for a change to the JBoss Tools and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 4.50.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT target platforms.

It consists in the following change(s):
* JBIDE-19776: Mars RC2
* JBIDE-19879: LaunchBar and dependencies

p2diff reports: (nothing alarming)

Please review the above PR(s), as it will be applied very soon. You can use the following to build & test the target-platform locally against your component(s).

Build target-platform:
$ cd /path/to/jbosstools-target-platforms/jbosstools/multiple
$ git fetch origin pull/146/head && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
$ mvn clean install

Then, to test the new "multiple" target platform against your component's build:
$ cd /path/to/your/jbosstools-component
$ mvn clean verify -Dtpc.version=4.50.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT -Dtpc.targetKind=multiple

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