Here is a proposal for change(s) to the JBoss Tools / Red Hat Central target platforms.

Affected Versions:

jbosstools 4.23.0.Final

jbt  TPs 4.23.0.Final-SNAPSHOT
central TPs 4.21.3.Final-SNAPSHOT

Detail / Summary:

simrel 20220316-1000-Simrel.2022-03
cdt 10.6.0
reddeer 4.1.0
lsp4mp 0.4.0

Related JIRA(s):

Pull Request(s):

p2diff Report(s):

(will attach to JIRA when available)


Please review the above changes, as they have been applied and are building today.

Once the target platform is built, jobs and parent pom will be updated to point
TARGET_PLATFORM_VERSION_MAX at the new version, 4.23.0.Final-SNAPSHOT.

You can use the following to build & test the target platforms locally against
your component(s).

Build target-platform:

    cd /path/to/jbosstools-target-platforms
    git fetch origin pull/<pull-request-number>/head && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
    # or, using hub for git
    git checkout <pull-request-URL>

    mvn clean install -f jbosstools/multiple/pom.xml

Then, to test the new multiple target platform against your component's build:

    cd /path/to/your/jbosstools-component

    mvn clean verify -Dtpc.version=4.23.0.Final-SNAPSHOT       -Dtpc.targetKind=multiple

For Central, fetch sources from jbosstools-discovery, then build as above.



Stéphane Bouchet

Senior Software Engineer, R&D

Red Hat