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It's here! We are proud to release RedDeer 1.0 - Eclipse testing framework which has been developed for over 3 years and we believe it has reached its production maturity with this version [1].

We started this project with simple idea of having stable and usable framework for functional testing of Eclipse-based JBoss Tools. In those years RedDeer grew beyond basic SWT widget support and brought support for other eclipse parts, frameworks and much more [2]. 

This specific version was mainly focused on bug fixing and cleanup but you can also find multiple  additional enhancements. In total about 160 issues were resolved since previous version 0.8.0. For more details check the release notes [3]. For some initial idea you can also check our RedDeer screencasts on Youtube [4] or follow on Twitter [5].

For the future, API compatibility will be kept at maximum level for all 1.x versions. All new experimental features that require breaking compatibility will be developed on 2.x branch. From the project perspective, it's time to migrate RedDeer project under Eclipse foundation umbrella. 

One last thing. Although RedDeer was and always will be collective effort, each project should have some front-man (project leader), from now on it will be Rasto Wagner. Rasto was among top RedDeer commiters for years and proved himself to be the right person to manage this project for the future. Congrats Rasto! 

Kudos to all contributors and thanks to all users and supporters,

-- Jirka on behalf of RedDeer Dev Team

      /*/ Go RedDeer, go !
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