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I went to see this presentation yesterday http://humantalks.com/talks/347-demonstration-de-cordova-cli and had the opportunity to show the demo to 4 people who are actual Cordova users.

The presentation, from Sebastien Paul, was mainly showing simple usage of Cordova CLI. The demo showed many things that are available in the Cordova Eclipse plugins as well (create a project, add plugin, start ios emulator...). The only thing he didn't have in his CLI demo compared to the video is CordovaSim/Ripple.
He also demoed something nice: a livereload-cordova plugin ( https://github.com/fingerproof/cordova-plugin-gapreload and https://vimeo.com/81192559 ). This is interesting because it allows to configure the packaged application (the apk, ios, or whatever actual package) to use livereload to check for updates of some of its resources. So you can get livereload enabled on your actual tests devices while developing a cordova application and see updates without any need to repackage or redeploy the application. It's IMO a great productivity boost. Of course, this is something people wouldn't like to ship as part of there delivery, and is only good for development purpose. See last paragraph for more thoughts on this topic.

Feedback on JBoss Tools Cordova was quite positive. However, no-one did even know such tools were existing. Some Cordova users are not at all aware of what is JBoss and never started an Eclipse, although they'd be glad to use it for Cordova development as shown in the video. Some said they'll show the demo to some colleagues who are used to do Android development, and that they're pretty sure they'll start using Cordova Tools today.
From this, we can deduce that:
1. Our tools really matches the current needs of users, and that's great
2. Those same tools are unknow to most of potential users. In order to become famous, it appears we need to communicate about it in Cordova/Phonegap specific channels (mailing-list, get retweeted by @apachecordova and @phonegap ).

Related to the concept of having plugins in a dev-mode, we discussed the idea of "profiles", similar to what Maven does, which would allow to package application in different flavours: Use this plugin in dev-mode with this set of properties (for example pointing to local IP address), whereas production should not ship this plugin and use the production URL... This would be an interesting feature.

That's all folks.
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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