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The current release of the openshift-restclient-java, for not so obvious
reasons, depends on no less then 3 libraries to provide the underlying
communication to the cluster server.  The following PR
https://github.com/openshift/openshift-restclient-java/pull/179 unifies
this dependency to a single client which is based on OkHttp.  We are
looking to make this change to:

* Provide a common way to make REST calls
* Simplify the authorization semantics to an openshift cluster
* Simplify the pattern of making REST calls over what is done today
* In future, take advantage of its SPDY support to move away from the oc
binary dependency
* Put us in a better position to move to the Fabric8 client (if that ever

Any comments or objects are welcome

0) "In future" about SPDY - what does that mean ? Can OKhttp already talk with SPDY
   on Java 8 without changing the bootclasspath ?

This client already supports both SPDY and HTTP/2.  I plan to do further tests to verify what can be done with the SPDY support but implementing puts us in no worse of a position now IMO. 
1) did you look at the work Stuart Douglas did ? (see mail thread: "ALPN in Java")
   Would that be a better option for SPDY ? That would work for Java 8 at least.
I think if we EVER anticipate unifying a client with fabric8 our best option is to start with dependency on some of the libraries they use.  OkHttp has SPDY support which I believe is just a matter of understanding what we can do with it.  At a minimum, this library is significantly easier IMO to use then either jetty, apache client, or the home grown client we were using.

2) will this integrate with use of proxy settings etc. configured in Eclipse ?
   that is what ECF today does for normal http URL connections, if you are using
   a separate library my guess is that it is ignoring proxy and other auth setup
   done in eclipse, but I could be wrong.

It has proxy support as well.  I will add that to my check list of items to verify.  


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