Wondering if anyone on the JBT team is interested in helping to fine-tune this idea and acting as a mentor for this yearís Summer of Code.

From the prospective GSoC student:
Create Tattletale plugin for Eclipse
Lot of tools have plugin for eclipse. (Findbugs, PMD...). Tattletale plugin for Eclipse does not exist, but this way it should be easier to use comparing to usage trough console . The basic implementation of this plugin could display standard Tattletale HTML report, but some sub reports like "Unused Jar" or "Multiple Jar files" could "mark" some referenced libraries displayed in the Eclipse controls and highlight them for removal.
Iíve been impressed with this studentís initiative so far, but unfortunately the original project he approached me about was already completed in last yearís round of GSoC.

I found GSoC mentorship to be a fun and rewarding process. Itís not too heavy on red tape, so most of the time you invest is actually spent helping with actual coding issues. Thereís maybe 90 minutes of filling out forms over the whole 4 month term. Depending on the student, you might expect to spend 4-6 hours a week mentoring on the coding project itself: answering questions, offering pointers to good docs and tutorials, making sure they donít stay stuck on one thing for a week, etc.