Are there conditions under which we can know it's safe? If every Mojo execution has an associated connector or configuration in the POM to address its presence can we safely run the update?

After going through the import process we encourage users to address any inconsistencies in the mappings between their Mojo executions and what M2Eclipse knows about them. So if this is done and we can deterministically know it's done would it be safe to just keep projects in sync, and if not how might address that? 

For example if I have a simple project with only a maven-compiler-plugin configuration and I change the source and target can the update be safely run? Does the connector know not to just execute if the required Java language level cannot be satisfied from the environment for example? And if it's not can that be reported in a way for the user to correct it?

I can certainly understand how you might not want to run this with a bunch of random Mojo executions where you haven't spent the time to setup a mapping configuration, but if the user have we should deterministically know when we can run the update and do it automatically and correctly. This would definitely make for a much better user experience.

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FYI, I whipped up a small plugin that automatically update out-of-date project configuration, under our JBoss Tools Playground repo [1]. 

I'm not sure if it's completely safe to use. There's no preference to (de)activate it -yet-. The plugin is set to start on workspace startup for now, which isn't ideal, but if you deactivate it from Preferences > Startup and Shutdown and restart the workspace, it should be inactive. 
It's, most probably, sub-optimally implemented, but it worked on the small set of projects I tried.  

p2 site to install it from is at [2]. Feel free to try it and give some feedback. Then we can discuss what to do with it, wrt [3].


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