Cool - which Linux versions ?

Is xulrunner 1.9 what comes with Fedora 9/10 and Red Hat ?
No, was used build from
So what is in Fedora 9/10 and Red Hat ?
On Mac doesn't work inIFlasher, but works DnD.
inIFlasher is what we use to mark selection, right ?
Yes, It's used for drowning blue or red border when we select element.
Again, that sounds like a very big limitation. Any known workarounds for this ?
I'm curious in what this will solve for us ?
Do we have a jira listing what it will give ?
It's much more stable, for now we should for example disable attribute
direction="rtl", because it's coused crash of vpe.
In XR 1.9 also exists additional styles (inline-table, which will be
usefully for us). Basically it's engine of firefox 3.0.
For now we have founded following issue related to XR1.8
Ok, i'll look through these.
do we need to do all the binary builds ?
We doesn't need binary build of xulrunner, just create eclipse bundles.
Here I describe how to do it
Are there any updatesite avilable with 1.9 like there is for 1.8 ?
That isn't an updatesite is it ?