When my publish method gets the wst module, it's just a module and not set up at all. Not packaged in the least... just a WST project reference essentially.

I tried suggesting on the wtp mailing list that they at least provide an API for some module types to provide their own packaging functionality (allow, not mandate). I was thinking of the project Koen had wanted to implement that we had talked about at JBW, but I got no response to it.

Currently the code I use to package WST elements / projects was 'lifted' from the GenericServer, not from some other place... so as far as I can tell, it's up to the server to package everything. Ultimately this seems kind of dumb, as some servers may want to support some interesting types of modules without having to be intimately familiar with their unique packaging structure... ... ... but whatever.

- Rob

On 7/19/06, Marshall Culpepper <marshall.culpepper@jboss.com> wrote:
Hey Max..

1) AFAIK the .components file describes different types of components but it is not generic enough to simply describe arbitrary packaging configurations.. It's main benefit is it carries a lot of metadata inside the file, hence why i've allowed free-form "property" elements at any node in the tree of my .packages file..

2) I agree completely, and this is already something I've been working on. Copy-on-save/modify and Synchronize-on-delete are both supported (if not yet 100% fully functional yet) in my current implementation

3) The MainDeployer MBean takes deployment URLs as a JMX attribute, so theoretically it would be as simple as running twiddle to add the user's project deployment URL at runtime. I'm honestly not sure if the MainDeployer supports changing the deploymentURLs attribute at runtime or if it's one of the few "static configurations" of JBoss. Of course the downside to this would be no transparency and the IDE would have to manage persisting that setting.

I'm not sure how WTP handles deployment, Rob can you shed some light? Is WTP auto-setting up the J2EE package for the adapter or is the adapter expected to do it?

On 7/19/06, Max Rydahl Andersen <max.andersen@jboss.com > wrote:

There are a couple of disturbing bugs about "delta-detection" in WTP:


...and the worst thing i see is that even if we could make our WTP server
adapter insanely quick ;), we will not be able to opt-out of those resource
traversals that the WTP "bug" is doing.

Great...Rob - is this something you have been looking into ?


> Hi guys,
> Been looking at various aspects of WTP deployment, our IDE and JBoss
> deployement in context of easy Seam project deployment,
> and out sprung some questions ;)
> 1) Does anyone know about the file
> .settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component in WTP ?
> This file looks to do *some* of the things Marshall is trying to
> accomplish in context of
> his xml file for describing packaging. Do you know how they relate and
> if we use that
> file (or some dependent API) for anything ?
> 2) "copy-on-save" should be "synchronize-on-modify"
> When we get around making it possible to listen to resources and copy
> files according
> to the packaging we will also need to be able to handle "delete" of file
> hence the name
> of this bullet point ;)
> 3) Exploded deployment on JBoss
> Can we point a jboss to a specific directory without the user having to
> edit services.xml ?
> Or does anyone know if WTP actually maintains a "deployed" structure
> internally or is that
> completely up to the WTP server plugins to handle ?

Max Rydahl Andersen


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