We're currently testing the migration from Jenkins 1.609 on RHEL6 to Jenkins 2.32 on RHEL7. 

But because we have a limited # of openstack slaves available, I've temporarily disabled all these jobs [1] and enabled these replacement ones [2].

[1] https://dev-platform-jenkins.rhev-ci-vms.eng.rdu2.redhat.com/view/Devstudio/view/devstudio_master/
[2] https://dev-platform-jenkins-rhel7.rhev-ci-vms.eng.rdu2.redhat.com/view/Devstudio/view/devstudio_master/

So if you're looking for your job this week, check out the -rhel7 (staging) URL instead.

Once we switch over to the new master Jenkins, I believe the original URL [1] contain the updated Jenkins at the old URL.

More info: https://projects.engineering.redhat.com/browse/CENTRALCI-1464



Nick Boldt

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