Thanks Nick for sending the mail I should have sent yesterday ;)

On 01/30/2013 09:22 PM, Denis Golovin wrote:
On 01/30/2013 12:08 PM, Nick Boldt wrote:
mvn verify -DTARGET_PLATFORM_VERSION=4.20.5.Final-SNAPSHOT  #JunoSR0
mvn verify -DTARGET_PLATFORM_VERSION=4.21.3.Final-SNAPSHOT  #JunoSR1
Would be good to have something easy to remember like

mvn verify -PJunoSR0
mvn verify -PJunoSR1
This would add a lot of crap to parent pom for something that we won't use. So there won't be some profiles for unsupported stuff.
-DTARGET_PLATFORM_VERSION is easy to remember as well, and in case you forget it, feel free to ask.

Once the cruft has been cleaned, new TPs will be released & linked into
the usual places [1], [2]:

4.20.6.Final-SNAPSHOT  #JunoSR0 (6th respin)
4.21.4.Final-SNAPSHOT  #JunoSR1 (4th respin)
4.30.1.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT  #KeplerSR0, 1rst respin
Why are you releasing versions with SNAPSHOT suffix? What is wrong with 
just 4.20.6.Final?
That's something we are investigating as part of . But this is not our highest priority yet. If we remove the "-SNAPSHOT", we'll probably drop the Alpha1/Final qualifier as well.

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