On 10/01/2015 04:28 PM, Fred Bricon wrote:
No m2e(-tycho) doesn't support pom-less projects, because well, they're pom-less :-)
m2e lacks native support for polyglot maven (more generally Maven extensions), this is something I need to discuss with Igor and JVZ at some point but, according to igor, it will be very hard to implement.
In any case, a MANIFEST.MF is not a Maven-specific metadata file, so even with polyglot support, m2e would need to crawl in parent to find out whether there is a parent pom which defines the folder of the current plugin project as module... Seems quite intrusive in IDE.
I am not that thrilled by the pom-less things. Indeed it saves a few files, but it adds a layer of generation that makes the process more complicated and the integration with tools loess explicit. Moreover, the cost of having and maintaining a pom file is quite low, so I have trouble to figure out whether we'd save much effort (or add some more) in adopting it.

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