It's Canada Day-after here, but I wanted to get out a quick reminder that we have the TP freeze for 4.80.0.Final [1] and the code & feature freeze for devstudio 12.0.0.Final / jbosstools 4.6.0.Final on Wednesday, July 4 this week. 

(The UI freeze was 3 weeks ago, so if you're slipping in any late-breaking UI changes, PLEASE let the docs folks know so they can pull new screenshots if applicable. You shouldn't be, unless it's a BLOCKER.)

If you haven't used the latest TP 4.80.0.Final-SNAPSHOT in your local development environment, it's had a few updates [2] in the last week. Please make sure your build(s) are green when building against the latest, and that your stuff can be installed into the Photon JavaEE package [3].

If you have anything you need to slip into this release, please get it done by EOD on Wednesday. 


Once we're frozen for this release, master will remain frozen until QE signs off next week, so feel free to work in a topic branh ot just prepare PRs. Once we're unfrozen, we'll start moving up to use an Eclipse 4.9 based target platform, in preparation for the next train. 

Note too that unlike previous trains the version numbers will jump up to be aligned with the Eclipse platform version:

* devstudio 12.9
* jbosstools 4.9



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