Hi all,

Please perform testing of CRS 12.21.1.GA Security release bits. You can find the download links below, they have been confirmed by Jeff.

Please fill it in polarion test run [1].

And please also do not forget to verify JIRAs. [2]

If you find any blockers or you need anything related to GA testing, please contact me ASAP.


Studio version is: 12.21.1.GA-v20211215-2203. Build is judging by download site B3. 
CR Studio staging Update site: https://devstudio.redhat.com/12/staging/updates/

We should also get shasums, etc. That will be computed later manually I hope.

Thank you

[2]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C9bGsRoQOsPy8Po4r2pi0UAES06KtpG6mXEqgWy-Rz0/edit#gid=0