On 08/30/2012 07:51 PM, Alexey Kazakov wrote:
To be honest, I ignore Jenkins emails. My experience shows me that 95% of these problems are problems of hudson build(s)/environment/... or problems which I'm already aware of.
So you mean that Jenkins jobs are not useful for you? If there are problems with builds/environment, then please open Jiras to explain what are those problems and how to solve them. Jenkins is meant to be helpful for you.
I don't think that it's a good idea to rely on build or QE team to provide feedback on your component build, we can't spend all our time to look at status of Jenkins job and warn X or Y about an issue in a build. It should be the reverse process: component developer look at there CI job, and when they see an error is caused by Jenkins environment, they push it up to build through a Jira. Or if not exclusively, it should be both process: Nick/Denis/I monitor Jenkins to see whether there are some issues, and at the same time the component team look at their jobs to see whether there are some issues. We'll probably reduce the feedback loop that way.

Instead of rely on the hudson builds I regularly run tycho build locally. It safes our time. So instead of investigating what is going on with hudson builds every time I got Jenkis email we (CDI/Seam/JSF team) can spend time on development running local tycho build every other day to make sure everything is ok on our side.
I understand that Jenkins has a long time-to-feedback currently. That's something that is currently discussed to get way shorter feedback, so it will be more helpful. Doing local build is a very good habit, and is often more performant than waiting for CI feedback. But ignoring feedback for CI is just like ignoring a colleague who says "I can't build", there is a reason, which may be caused by anyone, and it's necessary to determine what is the reason and how to solve it.

We mentioned these problems in JIRA and in emails but the hudson builds is still unstable.
We are working and make it "faster" and better isolation between components will make it more stable. But I can understand how current problems led you to ignore Jenkins mails, that's what we need to fix ;)

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