I know importing these dependencies or setting up a specific target platform solves the problem but I was trying to avoid that because for normal development on the Forge plugins it's not really needed.

I was actually specifically talking about the bot tests that are being developed by the QE team and that I don't know a lot about, so Max's answer has addressed my concerns :-)

As for the Tycho/Maven build, this runs like a breeze ;-)


Op 11-okt.-2012, om 11:17 heeft Mickael Istria het volgende geschreven:

On 10/11/2012 10:57 AM, Snjezana Peco wrote:
You can try to use
mvn clean install -P unified.target -Pjbosstools-nightly-staging-composite

The settings.xml must be set as described in 

I think Koen is talking about build from his workspace.
@Koen: you'll need to provide Eclipse those dependencies, either import projects you depend on in your workspace, or set up a target-platform specific to your use-case (derive unified.target and add reference to the sites/bundles you depend on)
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