On 09/18/2015 08:56 AM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
The jetty stuff afaik is in best case not *dependent* by SR.1, but 
affected by it - but I wouldn't bet on it "just working".
I would bet that the Jetty part failed because of using Jetty 9.2.10 and 9.2.13 and facing the ClassNotFoundException on SpinLock detected in 4.3.0.CR1
We might have other being dependent on SR1 though, would be good to hear 
what those are.
Several fixes depend on SR1. However, I don't know whether the version range are strictly set to "install" the necessary SR1 part while installing JBoss Tools.
btw. the last years we built against SR0 but tested against latest SR. 
Did we stop that ?

Seems like yes, we stopped that. I can't find any reason except that we've forgotten to keep it in place, as the jetty issues somehow forced us to be more careful with SR1 than with SR0.
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