On 05/29/2012 11:45 PM, Nick Boldt wrote:
Mickael switched the parent pom over to use Tycho 0.15.0 (which is in staging and should hit Maven Central later this week [1]). I've rebuilt [2] the version we have in the snapshots repo [3], so builds should all be good to use this updated pom. Note too that both the parent pom and target platform pom are now versioned 3.4.0.M1-SNAPSHOT in trunk.

** If you get a class cast exception running a build, it's because of this change. Rebuild your local copy of the parent pom and try again. **
Sorry for not notifying. We mainly expect from Tycho 0.15 some performance enhancement. This should not affect in any way configuration of JBT/JBDS builds, so it should be transparent for all of you.

Mickael, please don't apply this change to the 3.3.x branch yet. If we have a need to do so, we can, but IMHO we should just leave branch to minimal changes right now.
I don't plan to move Tycho version on 3.3.x. Added value of Tycho 0.15 over 0.14 is not big enough to justify a change on branch.

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