Hi all,

I have done a big refactoring for AngularJS Eclipse 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT to support highlight inside HTML and JSP (or other editor) and custom markup interpolation by removing my custom DOM Document for Angular. Now I use standard DOM SSE Document (So I have remove the AngularJS too).

You can see those features at https://github.com/angelozerr/angularjs-eclipse/wiki/New-and-Noteworthy-0.5.0

Before cleaning my code by removing the custm DOM Document for Angular (for the moment I have marked the code as deprecated), I would like to know if some people could test AngularJS Eclipse 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT (check that highlight, completion, hover, hyperlink works inside angular expression inside HTML and JSP).

Many thank's for your help.

Hope you will like this new features.

Regard's Angelo