Sounds great, will take a look at it.


Am 17.03.2015 um 02:10 schrieb Keith Babo:

I have pushed a datamapper-integration branch to my fork which demonstrates model updates outside of the route using a palette extension:

There were a couple of issues, but the main culprit was that the save logic would only update routes and would ignore anything else added to the camel context via JAXB. †This sort of makes sense, since the Camel editor so far has only edited routes within the camel context. †I have a fix for that in my commit. †Itís pretty straightforward, but I was only really paying attention to the path I cared about while testing it. †I need to review the other marshal* methods in RouteXml and see if anything else needs to be updated. †Expect some minor cleanup before a PR.

I have also updated our palette extension class, removing all unnecessary code and structuring it so itís clear what needs to be added where. †Iím using hard-coded data for populating the camel context merely as an example. †I will look to wire this into the wizard tomorrow, which will also involve moving all of the tooling over to the Camel JAXB model and removing our own generated JAXB models.

~ keith

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