The Narayana team are proud to announce the release of Narayana 5.2.14.Final!
The release notes for this version are available from:
Wildfly has had our upgrade merged in so you should see a nightly build of WildFly that includes the upgrade available soon over here:
The commit is:

As is now normal, in this release we compared ourselves against four other leading open source competitor products with a view to checking that the release remains competitive. Results are produced using JMH (a micro benchmark harness created by the OpenJDK project team available from http://openjdk.java.net/projects/code-tools/jmh/). We have attempted to configure each product on an equal footing by choosing sensible defaults for each tunable parameter and by ensuring that recovery is enabled, although we do configure narayana with the journal store, which is our best performing transaction log storage mechanism. If you have any recommendations for other transaction managers or how to tune the configuration then please let us know so that we can update our test job. The benchmark runs a transaction containing two dummy resources.
We will let the figures speak for themselves, suffice to say that when more and more threads are thrown at the workload we scale better showing that we have excellent control over parallelism.

Threads           A           B           C           D    Narayana
      1        1420        1246        1327           9        1253
     10        1284        2720        7857        6844       10888
     50        1311        2621       30421       15941       46230
    100        1377        2675       30480       17475       74400
    300        1340        2801       27109       16954       63660
    400        1207        2672       26802       16700       63980

Happy coding,
The Narayana team