Em 22/08/13 12:34, Lincoln Baxter escreveu:
If you want to update the format, why not do that in a new branch?
If this happen, definitely it should be on another branch. That was predicted here https://github.com/jboss-jdf/jdf-stack/#file-format-evolution

Also, perhaps it would help if you listed your goals for using the new format? What problems do you hope to solve? What is the value?
That was on the first email :) - http://lists.jboss.org/pipermail/jdf-dev/2013-July/001585.html

I'm really in doubt of the value of it since the management cost and impact seems to be higher than the benefits, which led me to ask about worth of the change. Maybe it doesn't worth to update the format given the perspectives seem until now.


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- Considering that we can't/won't remove the branch
- Considering that JBT/JBDS works fine with the github organization change/move.

Should we also maintain the 1.0 content for how long ?

I'm questioning it to feel how does it worth to update the format instead of using the workarounds. From my point of view, I'm just trying to get the opportunity about the organization change to update also the format (if it has demand for it). Otherwise (if we don't want/need) the format change I think we can survive with the workarounds proposed:

- Rename Licenses to Metadata: Leave it as is
- Add repositoryURL to BOMs: use labels for it as it is today.

I'd like to here comments about the worth of change or not because I'm really getting convinced that this isn't wanted/needed/welcome :)

Em 22/08/13 12:13, Fred Bricon escreveu:

Btw, For how long time we should maintain the stacks format 1.0 ?
Till the end of times. Seriously. You can't break existing JBT/JBDS or other users who can't upgrade for one reason or another.