It keeps redirecting:

Look this example (similar to stacks.yaml):
  1. Request URL:
  2. Request Method:
  3. Status Code:
    301 Moved Permanently

  1. Response Header
    1. Location:

Em 26/08/13 03:27, Max Rydahl Andersen escreveu:
On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 11:57:46AM -0300, Rafael Benevides wrote:
Just a minor comment about the stacks repository move:

Recently we moved QSTools config file ( old url: ) that uses the same download and cache engine copied from stacks-client (copied from forge - Thanks Lincoln) and it worked pretty well (even changing also the repo name besides the organization change)

so github will keep redirecting the old url or how ?
For me "move" means the old goes away.


Em 12/08/13 12:06, Fred Bricon escreveu:
Hi, I haven't read the whole proposition yet, but just so we're clear : the current stacks 1.0 yaml file must stay available ad vitam aeternam (almost) for existing clients.
We need to triple check moving the repo to a new organization will properly redirect stacks queries. I know redirects generally work on github now, but I don't know about potential caveats/limitations .
Le mardi 6 août 2013 19:16:10, Rafael Benevides a écrit :

Hi all,

I'm resurrecting  this subject because Forge Team started to
brainstorm about the Stacks Add-on to Forge.


Do you have some thoughts/considerations on this:

- Change format (getting the opportunity of repo location change)
- Still using the same format with workarounds


Em 12/07/13 10:47, Rafael Benevides escreveu:
Hi all,

As part of the "new organization" plan, it's a good time to update
stacks format since it will be hosted on the new github organization.
I've analyzed the changes need and attached a Stacks 1.1 proposal to
see if everyone agrees on that or if should we keep using 1.0 format

Changes from 1.0 to 1.1

   - Rename Licenses to Metadata

       Justification: I've been using Licenses today as an metadata
       section to avoid repeating metadatas like version,
       repositories, licenses, etc:

       Workaround: Leave it as it is

   - add repositoryURL and extraRepositories to BomVersion.

       Justification: I've been using labels to to tag what
       repositories are Required:

       - Some BOMs needs more than one repo as JPP ( JPP is built on
       top of EAP 6.0.1, but it is using RichFaces from WFK 2.1.0
       that is built on top of EAP 6.0.0)

       Workaround: Create an standard tag called *repositories* and
       add every non maven central repository required.

So I'd like to here your thoughts about it and analyze possible
impacts on this format change.
OBS.: Remember that stacks 1.0 repo is planned to be moved to
jboss-developer github organization. So it's a good change to update
it. The 1.0 and 1.1 should coexist for a while and maybe
stacks-client should have a "migration" feature to permit a smooth

Thank you

Rafael Benevides | Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat Brazil

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