This is the first PR of the BRMS quickstarts to align it to JDF Guidelines.

I would like a detailed review on this quickstart (specially on the way it is organized since it is a little bit different from all other quickstarts).

This are the changes made:

- Removed eclipse files (.project, .classpath, .settings)
- Added License Headers
- Added License to pom.xml
- Changed groupId, version and name to match JDF rules
- Changed pom property from brms-version to version.brms
- Added file ( I tried to keep it simple )
- Format source code as definition

The Pull Request with the changes is

I'd like your revision and opinion and since we get an approval (and merge) those changes, I can move forward to update all other quickstarts using the same criteria.

For the last, we will add them as git submodule (for each quickstart under a brms-quickstarts folder) on


You did a nice job on those quickstarts!
Rafael Benevides | Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat Brazil

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