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Vineet Reynolds

Well, this error informs there is some failure with starting the JPA service. As far as this tutorial is concerned, it is usually due to :

* some failure to create tables via the DDL statements issued by Hibernate. This is usually resolved by restoring any changes to the persistence.xml file and redeploying the app/restarting the container, or
* a failure to start the service due to missing classes. Sometimes this is due to the missing Hibernate Search module that needs to be installed; you'll see a no class definition found error if such is the case. You'll find info on setting up Hibernate Search, in this chapter : http://www.jboss.org/jdf/examp...

Would you please post any relevant stacktraces (including any failures to create tables) to pastebin or some other service, if this is not the problem?

1:28 a.m., Monday Jan. 6

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Vineet Reynolds’s comment is in reply to MarwenBRIKCHA:

When I deploy the project , i see some error on console like

Failed to start service jboss.persistenceunit."jboss-javaee6-webapp.war#primary": org.jboss.msc.service ...

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